About Us

Patel Agro is a leading Organisation, providing solution to the agricultural sector with it cutting edge technology to make farming more easier than ever. It specialises in introducing new mechanization equipments for Tea Farming Industry, for various tasks involved like Tea Harvesting, Tea Pruning and carrying of tea produce etc. in the Tea Estates.

In the recent times the Tea Industrialists have suffered lot many challenges in terms of labour and in terms of plucking tea leaves in the cliffs and unsurfaced area of the tea farming land. To cater to the needs of the agriculturists in Tea Farming, Patel Agro has played a crucial role in solving these issues by providing them machinations equipments that can do the work of 100 people at a time.

Patel Agro has gained popularity all over Northern parts of India in a short time for its strategic solution to the Tea Industry sector. We have our branches spread in Siliguri, Guwahati, and Thakurganj.

Patel Agro is a leading No.1 Tea Field Mechanisation solution Provider in India. It is the only name in India focussing in Tea Mechanisation and has got most valued clients one like McLeod Russel India Ltd.

Not only selling of these equipments Patel Agro is known among its clients for it specialisation in providing service and maintenance of their sold product. Patel Agro is the sole distributor of OCHIAI brand tea field maintenance for the Mechanical Tea Harvesters and Tea Pruning Machines. The Machines are technology driven specifically made and manufactured by OCHIAI CUTLERY MANUFACTURING CO.LTD, Japan providing its services covering complete North East India with spare parts availability for every machinery tool.

We have the solution for all your problem. Come and explore the high end technology for all your farming needs specially designed to make your work magical.